International|Show Chinese style, display the successful art. Successively displayed "luxury dunhuang" the New York art exhibition

The " Great Wind from Dunhuang Art" Zhang Weiping, Wang Bo, Zhang Xuan New York Art Exhibition held in the New York City By the "US CHINA EXPRESS", Shandong Yinghua Group hosted in the Abo Art Museum.

This art event’s planned by Shandong Yinghua Group, and provisions ranged exclusive services from the exhibition planning and design, venue coordination, publicity and preparation, China-U.S. cooperation, personnel scheduling and other aspects, to ensure that the international art exchange event held successfully. Yinghua Group is looking forward to more artists through the cultural exchange center between China and foreign platform, to hold their own, belong to Chinese art pageant in the world stage!

Guest at the opening ceremony

- Paul Campbell:New York's renowned curators and artists.

- Noelle Xie:Global Advocate and Special Adviser on International Development and Cultural Arts Creativity.

- Ms. Carla Mucavi: Representative of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.

- Ms. Julie Williams & Ms. Nicole Lewis: Official of the United States Mission to the United Nations

- Ms. Alessandra Rossi: Official of the Italian Mission to the United Nations.

- Johan Autio: United Nations International School - Philosophy Teacher.

- Zhongsan Liu: Chairman of the China Association for International Talent Exchange.

- Zhengzhe QuFounder of Fuyou Capital

- Gusheng ZhouFounder of Fuyou Capital

- Mr. Chus Bures & Mr. Sergio Orozco: Famous designers and art connoisseurs.

- Ms. Betsy Ashton: Renowned portrait painter, former American journalist, president of deadline media association.

- Ms. Andrea Siben: artist collectors

- Dr. Linda Stillman: President of the Global Youth Leadership Foundation, former Professor of Pace University

- Ms. Kate Sinclair:Young award-winning artist at the New York Academy of Fine Arts

-Xuewu TangPresident of the Confucius Foundation, President of Shandong Tongxiang Association, New York

- Ryan McNaughtDirector of Data Strategy Business.

-Rongsheng Li: Finance Director of CNOOC U.S.

-Tongxin LiPresident of the East-West Arts and Culture Association of the United States

- Shanchen XiaProfessor/Dean, U.S.-China Institute of International Business

sponsor guests


- Weini Zhang:  CEO of Yabo art gallery

- Yueming Qu: Yinghua Group's Chinese and foreign cultural exchange center in the United States artistic director.

- April Zhang-Autio: Yinghua Group's Chinese and foreign cultural exchange center in the United States executive director


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