The New Bureau of Culture and Broadcasting of Jinan visited and researched Yihaiyicheng City Bookstore

Recently, accompanied by the leader of Weihai Library, High-tech industrial committee propaganda department, Jinan City, The New Bureau of Culture and broadcasting of Jinan, went into the Yinghua Yihaiyicheng Wenhuaxilu City Bookstore to visit the research. As a typical speaker at the symposium, Yihaiyicheng City Bookstore ‘s focused on how to create a "third living space for citizens" related situation through activities of gathering popularity,

The leaders showed strong interests which creative by Yihaiyicheng city bookstore; they are very appreciative of the new business model of the bookstore, it’s opened up new ideas for the operation of the city bookstore project in Jinan. They appreciated to be presented the Weihai scenery bookmark by the city bookstore.


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