To carry forward the traditional culture, "Penglai courtesy" held 7 Mid-Autumn folk studies activities.

The 15th Aug(lunar) is the Chinese traditional festival "Mid-Autumn Festival", in order to strengthen the experience and understanding of traditional Chinese culture, improved the comprehensive quality and hands-on ability of children, from August 26, 2018, "Yinghua Group - Penglai Courtesy" held 7 consecutive "Mid-Autumn" traditional culture research activities.

Brand leader Chen Yili introduced the ancient Penglai's Mid-Autumn traditional folklore, and made the moon cake with the students, children tasted their own moon cakes, participated in the Mid-Autumn Idiom Solitaire, poetry games, they all had a good time..

The mining and awakening and refining of traditional culture as an important part of the city's brand operation, the culture activities of Penglaiyouli is more popular ,has set off a wave of regional cultural.


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